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Therapy for Chronic Pain relief

Do you suffer from chronic pain?

I can help you get your life back with a specialist approach backed by the latest findings on how chronic pain is caused.


Pain that no longer serves a purpose



Although we can feel pain in the body, it’s actually created in the brain. The brain sends pain signals to areas of your body to make you take action – say if you touch something that can burn you, or you have an illness or injury that needs medical attention.

But sometimes the brain keeps sending these pain signals long after all action has been taken. A medical diagnosis has been made, the tissues have healed or will never heal but the pain persists, and your doctor prescribes painkillers.

This chronic pain is an old pain message that’s not helpful anymore, like a fire alarm that keeps going off after the fire has been put out.

Chronic Pain Rapid Solution Therapy
Chronic Pain Rapid Solution Therapy

A fast and effective treatment for chronic pain

I’m a practitioner of an innovative approach called OldPain2Go. This approach works by resetting the alarm. It isn’t pain management; for most people it will remove the pain completely.

Using guided visualisations and verbal cues, I work with you to ‘reframe’ your unconscious mind, teaching it that the chronic pain is no longer needed. I help you address thoughts that trigger the pain, and to re-define chronic pain as an unhelpful signal which masks any new pain signals that do need your attention.

The therapy is completely safe and there’s no physical contact required. Because it changes your mind’s automatic responses it works very quickly. Most clients are pain-free after just one session.

Will the approach work for me?

OldPain2Go can benefit you whatever the cause of your chronic pain. I can help people with all kinds of issues including (but not limited to) chronic pain from an injury, pain from conditions including arthritis, fibromyalgia, CFS, and ME, and chronic pain from structural issues such as back pain.

The approach can be effective if:

  • You’ve had pain for over 3 months that’s been diagnosed as chronic by a medical professional,
  • You’ve been prescribed painkillers
  • And you genuinely want to be pain-free. But you don’t have to be convinced the approach will work.

The therapy still works if you’re sceptical – and I appreciate you might be. Can a talking therapy really cure chronic pain?  I know from first-hand experience the answer is yes.

I’ve had the OldPain2Go therapy myself. It cured my chronic pain, and I actually trained in the technique because I wanted others to benefit from it as I did. Over 70% of my clients report the pain has gone, and 20% report it’s greatly reduced.

If you want to be pain free it’s very likely the therapy will work for you, and I very much hope you’ll consider giving it a try. Get in touch with me if you’d like to book a free consultation or if you’ve any questions. I’m happy to help you.

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